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Montebello Pest Control offers termite control services to the Montebello and surrounding areas. Montebello is home to a number of different types of termites. You won’t know the type of danger that is posed to your home, until we determine the type of termite you have. This will also be a deciding factor in the type of treatment option we use. Each approach we use is tailored to your home or businesses unique needs. If you suspect you have a termite problem then you should call our Montebello termite control experts at (323) 856-1598 now!

montebello termite control

Our Montebello termite solutions are effective and affordable; call us today!

Montebello Termite Exterminators

The most typical types of termites that are found residing in Montebello are drywood, subterranean and formosan termites.

Finding Termites in Your Montebello Home

One of the most common ways termites are discovered, is when an individual finds small, thin strips of feces that curl at the end. You should call us at (323) 856-1598 immediately if you have noticed this. You may also notice tunnels in wood structures that the termites have built.

Do not try to take termite extermination into your own hands. This is one pest problem that should be left to the professionals. Contact Montebello Pest Control at (323) 856-1598 today to prevent serious termite damage to your home.

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