Jun 292011
montebello bed bug control

When it comes to bed bugs, you need professionals you can rely on – that’s us!

At Montebello Pest Control, we take pride in protecting the residents of Montebello from bed bugs. Bed bug instances in Montebello are on an upswing. We feel that the increase of bed bugs in the area has occurred due to the frequency of people purchasing used furniture and living in close quarters.

We are fairly certain that we will all agree on the fact that bed bugs are a dreadful problem to have. Bed bugs tend to make their presence known in very obvious ways. Bed bugs use a stylet in their mouth to feast on humans while they sleep. They use the stylet to saw through the skin to get to blood vessels. They will feed briefly, then return to their hiding place. This will most likely lead to small itchy bites on a persons body when they wake.

The bed bugs themselves typically hide well in the cracks and crevices around your bed and in the seems of your mattress. Most people do not realize they have a problem, until they wake up with bites all over their body. If you notice this or blood or fecal spots on your bedding, you will want to call us at (323) 856-1598 immediately. Do not sleep in your bed a day longer with a bed bug problem.

If you have suspicions that you may have a bed bug problem, you should call our Montebello bed bug experts at (323) 856-1598 immediately!

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