Aug 262015

We are receiving more and more requests for flea removal, as many pet owners struggle with this pest. Fleas will populate on the warm hair of dogs and cats, and once your pet is exposed to the outside, there is a good chance fleas will come into your home.

montebello flea control

Fleas can invade your home even if pets are not present!

Most do not realize that the bulk of fleas in a household are not found on your pet. Most will live in your bedding or in carpet. Our flea specialists will save you much energy and time because they know the tactics for removing these pests, no matter where their location.

The first step you should take is to scan your pet for fleas. This is challenging, but be sure to be very thorough; look behind the ears of your dog or cat.

Treating Montebello Fleas

Most people have already realized that flea problems should be handled by the professionals. Our specialists will check spaces you may have missed and save you time and energy in removing the fleas from your home.

Before you call, be sure to sweep your carpet or rugs. Borax powder will help dry the fleas out for easy removal.

Be sure to call Montebello Pest Control at 323-856-1598 right away to rid your home of fleas!

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