Aug 262015
montebello fly control

Let our Montebello fly control experts help you obtain a fly-free property.

There are thousands of kinds of flies on the continent of North America; over 16,000 to be more exact. Flies can live different life spans, depending on the kind. You can expect a fly to live anywhere from eight days to three months.

Everyone in America will deal with flies at some point. And if they are not dealt with properly, flies will multiply out of control. Just two flies will create over a million young. This can take place in just a few short weeks.

Montebello Flies

All flies will carry disease and filth. When they land, flied will spread their filth on other surfaces and food. Bacteria on the body of the fly can spread onto cooking utensils, foodstuffs, and countertops. Humans can contract food poisoning or even meningitis from contaminated foods.

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