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There’s no doubt, if you’re in the Montebello area, you will run into bees and other stinging insects. Montebello Pest Control has bee and wasp removal professionals who have the trained skill to keep your home and family safe. Our company offers service for residential and business property.

montebello stinging insect control

Our Montebello stinging insect experts are available to help with bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and other stinging insects.

We are trained to remove a large variety of stinging insects; this can include yellow jackets, bees, or even wasps. We will ensure that these insects are removed from the premises and go to proper lengths to be sure they don’t come back. We also clean up remaining debris, such as beehives.

Consider this when eliminating bees:

-Bees should not be disturbed. Always back away when spotting a nest. If approached by the bees, don’t swat. Also, know that Africanized killer bees will be much more prone to attack, even though they look very much like a normal honey bee.

-Make sure that, if you receive a quote from an extermination company, they include the cost of hive removal. This is critical to permanent bee removal.

-We make safety for your family the first priority. Upon arrival, we will sweep the house for any possible entrances that the stinging insects might use.

Our company uses specialists that are specifically trained for removing stinging insects. Please know that we see your safety as the number one priority.

If you have spotted a great number of bees near your house or place of work, then you can bet there is a swarm somewhere close. It will be very clear as to how dangerous having a bee’s nest can be. Remember, try to spot a nest; sometimes bees might be moving along in a swarm, but they are simply passing through. Locate a nest whenever possible, but never approach the nest. If you actually do find a nest, always go to professionals.

Don’t hesitate to give our Montebello bee professionals a ring. We do not charge inspection fees; we just need an over the phone description of your situation. We will even give an estimate over the phone. Our work is guaranteed to be done properly and correctly. So call 323-856-1598 today!

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