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Stink bugs have a shape you won’t forget; they look much like a shield with antennae. They use their mouth pieces to eat plants and they normal have a greenish or brownish tint.

For instance, the marmorated stink bug will have a brownish skin color and resemble a shield shape; it will be approximately seventeen millimeters in length.

A single female stinkbug will create up to thirty young over just one season. Stinkbug young will hatch quickly and immediately seek out food.

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Montebello Stinkbugs

These pests love their fruits and vegetables. They enjoy eating apples, pears, potatoes, corn, and tomatoes. Your garden will quickly be destroyed by a stinkbug problem. You will notice scars and marks on your plants after they have fed.

Worried you might have a stinkbug problem?

If you see these pests frequently in the fall months, it will be clear you have an infestation. Plants in gardens and in flowerbeds will show signs of damage. You should realize that if a few stinkbugs have been spotted, there are always more in hiding.

How do you manage a stinkbug problem?

You should always work on keeping these disgusting pests out of your home. All damages in walls, doors, and windows should be repaired. Make sure you don’t have any holes in screens. Use a great deal of weather stripping. All vents should have screens placed on them to prevent entry.

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It’s always simpler to protect your home proactively, instead of trying to deal with a stinkbug invasion. Stinkbugs don’t need to feed during the cold season, and will seek out the inside of your house to stay warm.

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