Aug 262015
montebello tick control

Our Montebello tick control experts are just a phone call away!

Montebello Pest Control has the experts you need to rid your property of ticks.

Ticks are arachnids that will feed on the blood of her victims. They will suck the blood of both mammals or reptiles. They are know to carry diseases; this can include Q fever and even Lyme Disease. Even tick young can be born with these diseases, allowing them to infect hosts right away.

Since tick bites are basically painless, you probably won’t even notice the tick on you. A tick can feed without its host realizing it. Also, tick bites give no symptoms. So diseases can spread easily.

Ticks should be treated quickly; do not wait another minute to call! Call Montebello Pest Control at 323-856-1598, right away!

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