Aug 262015

More human deaths come from mosquitoes than any other common domestic pest. It’s also important to note that Montebello mosquitoes are adapting to city environments. This gives us great reason to be worried about the mosquito population.

montebello mosquito control

Mosquitoes are painful pests – we can help control them!

While it is true that a pest control service can eliminate mosquito populations, no service can remove the entire threat. At Montebello Pest Control, we always set a realistic goal of eliminating more than 80% of mosquitoes from a site. Granted, customers would love to see a full removal, but that is not achievable for any pest control service.

Once you contact us, we will send one of our mosquito control of Montebello professionals to your site to give a solid inspection. This will give us the ability to identify the mosquito species and also the area for breeding.

Both larva and adult stages of mosquito life should be controlled. Our trained professionals will see that this is done. Call our Montebello mosquito exterminators at 323-856-1598 today to solve your mosquito problem!

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